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PlusBus Brentwood & Shenfield
£2.80 adult, £1.40 child, £1.85 railcard holders
Buy only with train tickets to or from Brentwood or Shenfield (but not between the two).
Valid on First, NIBS (school buses) and Stephensons only within the Brentwood & Shenfield zone.

Sunday Saver
£2.80 adult, £1.50 child, £5.50 family (up to 4 people, max 2 adults)
Buy on any Sunday bus in Essex, with the exception of the 498 to Romford and others listed here.
Valid on all Sunday buses in Essex, as long as they are financially supported by Essex County Council, which all Sunday buses in Brentwood are, except for the 498.

FirstDay Brentwood
£3.50 adult, £2.50 child (U16)
Buy on First within Brentwood.
Valid on First within Brentwood. Zone extends to Shenfield, Warley, Brook Street and Pilgrims Hatch.

Ensign 81 Day Ticket
£3.50 adult, £2.20 child (U16)
Buy on Ensign 81.
Valid on Ensign 81 and X81 between Hutton and Brentwood Railway Station only.

FirstDay Basildon Outer
£6.20 adult, £3.30 child (U16)
Buy on First within the Basildon Outer zone, which includes Brentwood.
Valid on all First buses within the Basildon Outer zone, which extends to Lakeside, Grays, Thurrock, Orsett, Hutton, Southend and of course Basildon.

FirstDay Essex
£8 adult, £6 child (U16), £16 family (2 adults & 2 children)
Buy on First anywhere in Essex.
Valid on all First buses in Essex except for route X30 to Stansted Airport.

Essex Saver
£8 per person
Buy on any bus in Essex, with a few exceptions which in Brentwood include the X81 to Lakeside and the 498 to Romford.

Valid on any bus in Essex with a few exceptions listed here. Although it can’t be bought on the 498 to Romford, it is valid for travel as long as your journey starts or finishes this side of the county border.

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