Thursday, 31 March 2016

10th April changes

Many of our local bus routes change from Sunday 10th April. Here's a quick rundown:

Ensign 21 Brentwood-Ongar
Additional weekday early evening journey added.

Stephensons 71/72 Brentwood-Stondon Massey
Timetable changes.

First 73 Warley-Bishops Hall
Renumbered 37, with a change of route and timetable.

First 251 Warley-Southend
Curtailed to only run between Warley and Wickford. Connections available in Wickford for Southend.

First 351 Brentwood-Chelmsford
New Mon-Sat timetable.

BCT 898 Blackmore-Romford
Curtailed to only run between Blackmore and Brentwood Community Hospital. New timetable.

Most of these changes are down to cuts being imposed by Essex County Council on routes which they subsidise. The bus operators have been sluggish to publicise these changes, but you can see the new timetables on Traveline and via the Interactive Essex Bus Map

Sunday, 24 January 2016

County Council revives Saturday buses to Ongar

Following Townlink's demise, the 21 from Brentwood was taken over by Ensign as a weekday shuttle service to Ongar only.

Now, Essex County Council have stepped in to maintain the Ongar link on Saturdays. A timetable should be available soon for the Saturday service, which will be operated by Ensign Bus. This will be on a trial basis, so use it or lose it if you want Brentwood to have a Saturday link to Ongar.

Monday, 11 January 2016

It's Ensign to Ongar

Townlink's license to operate has been revoked with effect from 26th February but they've chosen to leave passengers in the lurch and have already stopped running the 21.

But Ensign Bus have come to the rescue and are running a replacement 21 service between Brentwood and Ongar on weekdays only. Here's the timetable:

Updated timetable from 20th January:

Other buses are available for journeys beyond Ongar. See Traveline to plan a journey.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Townlink license revoked

Townlink Buses Ltd, which runs the 21 from Brentwood (Warley) to Ongar, Epping and Harlow, has had its license to operate revoked by the Traffic Commissioner for the East of England.

The Harlow Star has more details, but it isn't clear whether Townlink will stop running immediately or if there is a way to keep their routes, including the 21, running, perhaps by another operator.

We'll let you know as soon as we know more.

If you were planning to head to Ongar by bus tomorrow, it might be worth phoning Townlink on 01279 426266 before setting off, just to make sure they are still running.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Evening, Sunday & rural routes under threat

The Brentwood Gazette reports that Essex County Council are looking to wield their bus axe again.

This time, late evening journeys on the 73 are under threat, but all routes funded by the council will be being reviewed to see where a cut can be made. This means all evening, Sunday and rural routes in Essex are under threat.

The County Council are still consulting on what their bus priorities should be, so make sure you take part in their survey before 21st October.

The changes currently proposed for Brentwood are:
21A: Essex wants to withdraw this route leaving Brentwood with no link to Ongar after late afternoons.
73: The last bus of the evening is to be withdrawn Mon-Sats. Here's the proposed timetable for subsidised journeys on Mon-Sat evenings:
251: No more Sunday trips to Southend, as this route will be curtailed to run between Warley and Wickford only. Here's the proposed timetable:
898: It is proposed to withdraw this route from Blackmore via Doddinghurst and Brentwood to Romford.