Thursday, 25 April 2013

The wonders of Warley

With changes to many First routes coming up on 5th May, many Warley residents had been worried about the planned withdrawal of routes 73A and 73B. From that date, First will be running just the 9 along the current 73 route, with only Mon-Sat evening services still being numbered 73:

The cut to the 73A will affect the following stops apart from Albert Street, which will be served by First 9 (the daytime replacement for the 73) and SM Coaches 21:

The rest of this part of the route is currently served on weekdays only by the 73A and on Saturdays by Stephensons 71 and 72. These are the current times from Uplands Road:

Brentwood Liberal Democrats today announced that the 71 and 72 will be diverted on weekdays to serve the areas that would have been stranded by the cutting of the 73A and 73B. Stephensons have already released the new timetables for the 71 and 72, which take effect from 7th May.

Talking of the 73B, here are the stops affected on the other side of Warley Hill:

and the current level of service from Warley Hill towards Brentwood:

The main First route through Warley, along Warley Hill and The Drive remains unchanged, apart from a Mon-Sat daytime route number switch from 73 to 9 and of course the accompanying timetable changes. SM Coaches 21 uses the same route and remains unchanged.

The Warley extensions to First 351 will be cut to just one bus each evening Mon-Sats.

All of the above changes are from Sunday 5th May.

The First 251 Sunday service (on which you can travel to Southend for just £2.80 return - ask for a Sunday Saver ticket!) is unchanged, but Sunday riders should take note that Brentwood Community Transport 228 will no longer run after 26th May.

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