Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tell the council not to cut your bus!

Essex County Council are having what they call a 'bus review'. That's a posh way of saying they're looking at which subsidised bus services they can cut in order to save some money to pay for the bankers' mistakes.

This could affect many routes serving Brentwood, especially the few evening and Sunday services we have. If you want to keep them, then go to this website to take part in the 'review' and tell Essex County Council how important bus services are to our town.

You have until 9th December to respond, after which they will presumably stop listening and start deciding where to wield that axe.

The following Brentwood bus services are subsidised by Essex County Council and could be at risk if not enough people defend them in this consultation:

  • 73 (evening & Sunday journeys to Warley and Pilgrims Hatch)
  • 80A & 80C (Sunday service to Hutton & Shenfield)
  • 251 (Sunday service to Warley, Billericay and Southend)
  • 261 Doddinghurst
  • 268 & 269 Grays
  • 351 (Sunday journeys to Chelmsford)
  • 565 Ingrave, Herongate

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