Friday, 17 January 2014

Ensign 82 withdrawn / 21 to Ongar name change

Ensign 82 ran for the last time today. As of Monday, its journeys are replaced by new journeys on the 81, which runs the other way around the Hutton loop.

See the 81's full timetable here.

SM Coaches have deregistered route 21, but don't worry it's not being axed. It's now being run by a company called Townlink, to exactly the same timetable. Shame Townlink don't have a website.


Anonymous said...

Please rest assured there will be continuity of service by Townlink Buses. Passengers travel will not be affected in any way.

Unknown said...

What is the price for a ticket from Brentwood railway station to Warley, Eagle Way on the 21 bus or the 9 bus or 269? I am trying to get to Ford Motor Company's office in Brentwood.

SotonBus said...

Hi Pharell, this site is independent of the bus operators and they don't make details of single fares easily available, so the best thing to do is to contact the operators directly. First operate the 9, Townlink the 21 and Amber run the 269.

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