Tuesday 4 February 2014

Travel with Hunny closes: Upminster cut off

Travel with Hunny, who run the 848 to Upminster and a few school buses, have ceased trading as of Friday 31st January. This is what their website currently shows:

This means anyone who uses the 848 to get to Upminster (and our nearest Aldi!) will have to find another way to get there. Your quickest alternative is to get the train from Brentwood to Romford and then change there for Upminster - an adult off-peak day return is £6.50 as a paper ticket, but you're better off using Oyster, which will cost you £2.30 each way off peak and £3.00 peak.

If you still want to use the bus to get to Upminster, then you'll need to take the 498 to either Gubbins Lane and then change to the 347; or to Romford and then change to the 248 or 370. All of these buses are run for TfL, so using Oyster, it's £1.45 per journey with a daily bus fare cap of £4.40.

Lakeside is about to get more difficult to visit too. From Monday 17th March, Amber 265 will no longer serve Brentwood. It will continue to operate between West Horndon and Lakeside only. Our only direct bus to Lakeside after that is Ensign X81. The other alternatives are to take First 9 to either Billericay or Basildon and then change to First 100; or take TfL 498 to Romford and then change to the 370.

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Paul. said...

It is such a shame that the 265 Bus Route from Brentwood to Lakeside via. West Horndon had to be withdrawn from service. I absolutely loved going on that Bus Route, I remember when I first went on it back in 2007. A real, real shame. Now many people will not get to see unique viewpoints from Bulphan, Orsett, and Horndon on the Hill.

I'm deeply saddened by this news. As I have only just learned today. 265 you have served me well over the years. And I Thank You.

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