Friday, 11 January 2013

New route: NIBS 489 to Moreton

Since Monday 7th January, there's a new bus route in Brentwood. NIBS 489 runs in from Moreton every weekday morning and heads back every weekday afternoon. Here is the route map:


and list of stops served:

The SMS codes can be used on Nextbuses or by texting 84268 (normal text message costs apply) to see a list of the next buses scheduled from that stop.

As the 489 is mainly a schools service, I won't be adding it to the directory of major bus routes at the bottom of this page, but if there are any changes to the 489, then we'll let you know right here.

Also below, right at the bottom of the page, you'll find a useful list of available day tickets for Brentwood's buses. We've made it clear which ticket can be bought and is valid on which bus. The biggest surprise is the Sunday Saver, which at £2.80 for travel on all buses in Essex every Sunday is surely one of the best value bus tickets in the country!

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