Monday, 15 July 2013

261 transfers to Amber this Friday

Route 261 to Doddinghurst and Blackmore transfers from Regal Busways to Amber Coaches this coming Friday 19th July. It also gets a much better timetable, back up to hourly Mon-Sat daytimes. See the full timetable here:

Amber are expanding on other routes too. From 17th August, they take over the 265 to Lakeside from First. From 1st September, they'll be taking the 269 to Grays from Travel With Hunny.


Anonymous said...

it wont let me open the link. Can you please inform me on the new time table.

SotonBus said...

Traveline doesn't always keep its timetable links working. I've attached it as a jpeg now so it's visible on the page. Astoundingly, Amber's own website doesn't admit to the fact that they run any bus services at all!

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