Saturday, 12 October 2013

Direct buses to Upminster

UPDATE: The 848 service no longer runs. See this more recent post for more details. The below post is now out of date, but has been left online as a record of what ran for a short time.

Travel With Hunny have quietly launched route 848 linking Brentwood with Upminster. It serves stop E on Brentwood High Street and also stops outside the railway station before running through Warley. It terminates at Upminster Station, returning from stop B, just outside Wimpy:

See the route map here and as a pdf here.

Here's the timetable:

...and a list of stops served in each direction:

Please note the 848 only runs on weekdays and is not a TfL route, even though it goes into Greater London, so Oyster is not valid.


Anonymous said...

have just found out 848 service has ceased trading from jan 31st

Mrs J Sapsford said...

I am really upset that this service has ceased. although I am not surprised as not many people used the service. Maybe it was due to the dreadful vehicles used, really dirty and never knew what colour or type of bus/transit van would turn up. Some elderly people must have found it very difficult to board nevertheless I am gutted that it has ceased, the drivers were so nice and friendly say Cheerio for me please

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