Sunday, 8 June 2014

No cash payments on the 498 from 6th July

If you use the 498 to Romford, then please note that from 6th July, you will no longer be able to pay your bus fares using cash. This applies to all bus routes operated on behalf of Transport for London. Full details here.

Passengers needing to use the 498 and other London buses after 6th July will need to either pay using a contactless bank card or get an Oyster card. Here in Brentwood, Oyster cards can be obtained from the Nisa Metro shop at 96A High Street:

...or from Newstime at 145 Kings Road:

You can't get a new Oyster card at Brentwood railway station, but you can top up an existing Oyster card there.

In Brentwood this only affects the 498 bus. All other buses serving our town will continue to accept cash as usual.


Anonymous said...

This seems unreasonable as many people will not use other TfL routes. For buses running outside of London they should still be required to accept cash fares for journeys starting or finishing outside of London

Anonymous said...

I think they should bring Cashless on all Essex Buses. So that the good folk of Essex wont be left out of this marvel. As London has had this privilege for quiet a while and I think it's time to share what they have have to those outside of the Greater London area. As having cash on buses is just too old fashioned and the fare varies from distance traveled. That needs to cease as it is pointless. Essex County Council should look into this as a formidable opportunity to seriously invest county wide. With a fixed and reasonable fare that wont fluctuate or vary. £1.40 per fare should do it no matter the distance traveled. Including travel capping would be a great addition county wide too.

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