Monday, 18 August 2014

Gazette slams poor service from First

The Brentwood Gazette has published this article highlighting several problems with the services provided by First in our town. Route 9 is singled out as being particularly unreliable.

How do you find service levels on the routes you use regularly? Leave a comment and let us know.


Anonymous said...

The reliability of First operations seems to be general in most places they operate-All you see on their various websites when a complaint is received is please report the matter here-The amount of complaints they receive during the year must be staggering and very few compliments ever noted.

Anonymous said...

We judging by the complaints received I think the number 9 bus needs to be removed from existence. I'm with the people on this one. The good old 73 should be brought back in triumphant glory for those that have used, or would like to use it again. First Buses have a lot to answer for. If First Buses in Brentwood was to gain back at least a minimal amount of credibility they would put on brand spanking new 73 Buses to compensate from their incompetence.

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