Sunday, 20 January 2013

Brentwood's major bus routes on one clear map

Essex County Council are one of the best in the country for their public transport maps. But they are so comprehensive, listing every single route that runs, even if it only offers one journey a week. Sometimes it's easy for the vital information on the major routes to get lost in the detail. None of the bus operators offer a simplified map of their Brentwood services, so we thought we'd step in.

Here is a vastly simplified map of bus services in Brentwood, only showing those routes that have at least an hourly service Monday to Saturday daytimes:

And here's the Sunday bus network:

We hope you'll find these maps useful. Please feel free to share them.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, but is too small to read, (as are the price tables for oyster v paper ticket)Is there any way to enlarge them and if poss download?

SotonBus said...

If you click on the image, an enlarged, more-legible, version will pop up.

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