Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Oyster's here, but not always cheaper

Oyster has arrived in Brentwood, if you ignore the fact that it arrived on the 498 bus ages ago! It's now here on the trains too. The fares aren't quite as simple as they could be, so we've prepared this table to make it clear how much a journey into Greater London will cost using paper tickets or Oyster:

The surprising fact is that some day Travelcards are cheaper with paper tickets than on Oyster. Oyster's only the best deal if you'll be travelling into London on a train that arrives at Liverpool Street between 1000 and 1200. For single journeys into and out of Greater London, Oyster always works out cheaper.

Watch out for the £16.20 off-peak pay-as-you-go daily Oyster fare cap when travelling from Brentwood though - it's quite high and can only be avoided by either using a paper ticket to travel from Brentwood into Greater London and then switching to Oyster or by using two separate Oyster cards, one to get over the border and one to get around London.

Here's how the paper v Oyster fares look from Shenfield:

It's not yet clear what situation is regarding the Brentwood & Shenfield Plusbus, but my guess is that it is not available in conjunction with Oyster.

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Anonymous said...

What needs to be done for the progress of the Oyster card in Brentwood is to make it available for the 265 bus route akin to it's other Oyster Card partner the 498.

The only way to get the Oyster fares down is to contact the Oyster card company and try hard to see if you get a petition(s) to the fares down as it's an overly inflated price.

The 498 could also potentially extend out further to Shenfield very close to the station in Friars Avenue next to terminate at the Library.

Imagine this two London Buses with Oyster capable buses operating in Brentwood. Also with two of it's four stations in the borough with Oyster Cards. Why not extend them to West Horndon and Ingatestone Station's.

Complete the borough with Oyster Card.

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